About Us / Policies

We are a team of moms who have an all-consuming love of Anthropologie and their sister stores, and the boho life in general. 

We started this blog by each choosing a word for the title, and our favorite charity - Hence "Live, Give, Love" and the three causes near and dear to our hearts - Alzheimer's, The African Children's Fund, and JDRF. We strongly believe in honesty, giving, and living a life filled with love and compassion. 

All three of us pin under our separate accounts. If you feel the pins are repetitive or there are too many, you can block any (or all) of us and you will still see the Anthropologie group pins by other pinners, but just not those of us who you blocked. We hope this solves and problems you have if, like us, you are particular about your feeds. Contact us if you need help (we don't want you to block us, but mostly we don't want to contribute to any bad experience on Pinterest).

We actively try not to mislead viewers - we try very hard to not promote or pin discontinued, sold out, or otherwise unavailable items. We believe this practice of "click bait" is highly suspect. If we have ever accidentally pinned or showed an unavailable item, we will remove it immediately - just let us know HERE. together we can make Pinterest a better place! 

Sponsors and Affiliate Links
 There are affiliate links on this blog. Please assume we make a commission on anything you buy after clicking any of the links from this blog.  If you are interested in sponsorship, please email us HERE.  Please only contact us if you agree that the content will be disclosed as sponsored or paid, as required by the FCC. We will never honor requests to keep the fee arrangement from readers.

  A large portion of the proceeds of this blog to go charities for Alzheimer's research and support, as we had two family members suffer from this horrifying disease in the last five years. Our other charities are listed on our Philanthropy page, and we hope you will visit them, even if to simply learn more about them or help spread the word about them. Thank you for visiting and for contributing to our ability to give.

We use a mail service to deliver my posts to email subscribers. If you sign up for emails, we will have access to your email address. We will never email you anything other than the posts that you signed up for, and will never sell, share, or use your email address in any other way.