Monday, October 5, 2015

Customer Images

Because Pinterest has changed its feed so drastically, our newer pins are not being seen by followers. But Pinterest WILL show you pins from our old posts. So we are posting summaries of new posts here, to older posts, in an effort to get them seen. You can still scroll past this new content to get to the original post and whatever product you came to see from Pinterest (it's just down lower now).

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Bohemian Bedding:

Unique and Affordable Jewelry:

Footwear: Heels, Wedges, Sandals for Spring:

Bohemian Tops:

Spring 2016 Bohemian Furniture Look Book:

Dresses - Most under $150

Bedroom Furniture:
Pants: Linen, Chino, Cropped, Janes:

Tables, Chests, Ottomans:

Blue and White Kitchen Decor:

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These dresses are almost all under $ $150:

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January Arrivals: